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Outer Banks Vinyl Cleaning At Carolina Pro Clean we offer Outer Banks vinyl cleaning services. Commercial is a great flooring to use in a high traffic or kitchen area with minimal maintenance. The only maintenance is a daily sweep and a mop once a week at minimum. A good tip is to also have rugs at entrance and exit places to keep excess dirt from scratching the vinyl floor. If you keep up on the maintenance your outer banks vinyl floor can last for years to come. Always make sure you are using a neutral cleaner for your cleanings as this will help with re-soiling issues and prevent damage to vinyl. In the instance that maintained your floor needs just a little cleaning up we provide this with a light buffing procedure. We also provide a vinyl restoration service that we can fully strip the floor and place a topcoat that can be hardened to last for years to come. This service comes with a one year warranty against the topcoat flaking or peeling. If you would like to see some pictures of this service you may visit our gallery page.  Call your outer banks vinyl cleaners today and renew that floor of yours.  

Outer Banks House Cleaning and Maid Services At Carolina Pro Clean we also offer outer banks house cleaning and outer banks maid services. We love to help our customers out in any way and this service has really help us accomplish this. We have many different services from residential house cleaning, outer banks business cleaning and construction cleanup. We provide different service intervals for our customers ranging from daily, weekly, monthly and one time cleaning. We also can provide some of the finest outer banks vacation rental cleaning on the beach. All of our cleaning employees are trained and trustworthy and provide a great outer banks house cleaning service every time. Our cleaning services aren’t completed until after receiving a final inspection and walkthrough if applicable to ensure your complete satisfaction. Get your free outer banks house cleaning estimate or service today! We’d love to service you family and give you a little more free time to do the things you love.

Outer Banks Dryer Vent Cleaning At Carolina Pro Clean we are dedicated to our neighbors and customers on the Outer Banks. We are always looking to fulfilling our customers’ wishes. We are now offering dryer vent cleaning outer banks to our customers. Most insurance companies advise you to clean your dryer vent annually and this can also help a dryer that is not working as it once did. The reasoning behind the insurance companies is that a good portion of house fires annually in the US are caused by clogged dryer vents. When your outer banks dryer vent cleaners perform this task we clean the dryer vent completely as well as the dryer filter and replace the dryer vent. We also provide dryer cleaning schedules to keep your vent clean as possible. This is a great service to use and will give you piece of mind knowing you have had our outer banks dryer vent cleaning service. Call today to get your free outer banks dryer vent cleaning estimate!  
​ Outer Banks Carpet Repair Carolina Pro Clean can help you save that carpet that needs a little repair help. We have trained technicians that can fix your tears, seams, ripples and runs in your outer banks carpeting. We offer both residential and commercial carpet repair services that can get your carpet looking as good as new. Our technicians use Carpet and Rug Institute techniques to ensure a long lasting repair. Call your outer banks carpet cleaning pros today to get a free estimate on your outer banks carpet repair.  
​ Property Services Carolina Pro Clean is also offering property services to our residential and commercial customers on the Outer Banks. We can provide services like painting, deck sealing, exterior washing, roof cleaning, small carpenter jobs and more. We can also do concrete, driveways, sidewalks and small concrete repairs.  Please call your outer banks property service providers today to get a free quote on your next outer banks property service.  

Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning Our Outer Banks carpet cleaning technicians are trained and certified in many areas including carpet cleaning. We can provide numerous different carpet cleaning services including regular cleaning, pet odor, stain removal, pad replacement, carpet repairs and carpe protection. Training our technicians in many areas helps ensure that you are receiving the best outer banks carpet cleaning service available. Our outer banks carpet cleaning technicians use different methods of cleaning to fit your exact needs ranging from hot water extraction or steam cleaning and a low moisture cleaning process that dries quickly. Using these two methods we can provide the best outcome for your situation. Whether you are a outer banks commercial or residential customer we can work in your time frame and budget. Call your trusted outer banks carpet cleaning company today and receive a free bottle of our carpet spotter.

  Outer Banks Tile Cleaning Our Outer Banks tile cleaning technicians are trained and certified in cleaning hard surfaces as well. We can provide you with tile and grout cleaning, stone floor cleaning, granite countertop polishing and more! Some tiles are natural and others are harder like ceramic and porcelain. These tiles normally stay cleaner however the sealer gets extremely dirty if not sealed. You may notice that the grout along the edge of the grout is a lighter color than the middle of the floor. This happens when either sealer has not been applied or the sealer has been worn down and is no longer affective. We provide three different services for ceramic tile cleaning ranging from cleaning only, clear sealing the grout and color sealing the grout. On natural stone floors the floor must be tested for sealer and only a clear sealer can be applied on some you may choose the sheen of the sealer. Marble and granite countertops get a polishing action that can create a glossy finish or satin finish. Call your outer banks tile cleaners today and get your free estimate for tile cleaning and sealing.  

​ Outer Banks Upholstery Cleaning Carolina Pro Clean offers upholstery cleaning and protection to its OBX customers. Everyone has that favorite chair that feels just right after a long days work. The only problem is maybe your kids or your pets may also like to use this chair while we are away. Don’t let your chair, couch or loveseat stay in that shape, call your outer banks upholstery cleaners today. Our technicians are trained to clean even the most delicate upholstery fabrics available. We can also apply a fabric protector to your upholstery to help fight against stains and spills.  Give your outer banks upholstery a freshening up and give us a call to get a free estimate today!
Carolina Pro Clean is a full cleaning service company located in 
Harbinger, NC and proudly serves Dare , Currituck, Outer Banks and Albermarle areas. We also serve the major Outer Banks cities such as Moyock, Powells Point,Kitty Hawk , Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Southern Shores , Duck, Corolla, Harbinger, Point Harbor , Grandy and Moyock. There are many cleaning companies that offer carpet cleaning on the Outer Banks, however  it is hard to find a Outer Banks carpet cleaning company that offers an all around cleaning service as we. Our carpet cleaners have all been trained to perform the best services in your home and on top of this every service is inspected by the owner of the company. There is not many Outer Banks carpet cleaning companies that can say that. We stand behind our guarantee that if our services are not the best you’ve ever had then our Outer Banks carpet cleaner will return at no charge and address your concerns until you are fully satisfied with the service. What our main goal is at Carolina Pro Clean is to provide the best services for our customers but not just once, we want to continue working with our customers for many years to come. We have always had a passion for cleaning so allow us to provide you with the best Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning available. You can find us on facebook , visit us on our website or call and make an appointment today.  Thanks for reading.

            Does your home seem to smell on a hot day or have you ever had your company ask “What’s that smell” when they first arrive in your home? If so you may have an odor problem and even if you cannot smell it there is bacteria somewhere in your home!. This can be very harmful for you, your pets, family and who ever spends time in the home. These odors can come from many different areas including pet urine, bacteria, mold, stagnant water, smoke, and various other materials. Some are more harmful than others and require complex solutions to help fix the issue. You can trust our Outer Banks carpet cleaning company to provide you with the best odor free and healthy home environment.  Our Outer Banks carpet cleaning specialists can also help deodorize your home, auto and commercial property. If you do have any of these issues please let us help you solve your problems and get your home smelling fresh again. You can contact the Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning Pros at their website or call (252) 202-5690 ​

​             There are many hard surface floors being installed today due to there durability, great looks and stain resistance.  Hard surface floors come in many different varieties from wood, ceramic tile, laminate, vinyl and natural stone. These types of floors are known for there long lasting qualities. To achieve a beautiful long lasting floor various methods of cleaning and maintenance are needed over time. This ranges from wax vinyl and wood floors to steam cleaning tile and natural stone. The best procedure of cleaning for your hard surface floor is dependent on your particular floor construction and material. Routine sweeping and mopping of the floor with a neutral cleaner is the most important step in maintaining your floors. Our Outer Banks Tile and Grout Cleaning Pros have been trained to provide you with the best hard surface cleaning possible. You can guarantee that your floor will look years newer once you invite us into your home and try our unbelievable services. Also tile and stone floors are mostly required to have a sealer applied to them, this helps prevent them in soaking up contaminants over time in their pores. If your tile floors do not have a sealer contact us for a free estimate and consultation and we will provide you with advice on what is best for you to do for your floor.
Our Outer Banks Tile Cleaning Pros can help with all types of hard surfaces
including ceramic, sandstone and granite.
Thanks for visiting your OBX tile cleaners and Have a Great Day            When looking for commercial carpet cleaning on the Outer Banks, a manager has many different companies to choose to provide you services. At Carolina Pro Clean you will find a carpet cleaner that provides you with not only the best services possible but also treat your business with respect as well. Our Outer Banks carpet cleaners are trained and certified in providing carpet cleaning for all your commercial situations whether its Outer Banks rentals, business or apartments. We have different methods to provide the client with to make sure there business stays clean and appealing. These methods range from hot water extraction to low moisture cleaning. The hot water or steam cleaning process is the standard among carpet cleaning professionals, this process uses hot water to remove the soil in the carpet. Unfortunately sometimes your business can’t be shut down for hours to clean the carpet and this is where low moisture cleaning comes into play, you use a floor machine that pulls the soil out in an absorbent pad, also the process is normally dry within an hour in prime conditions. Our Outer Banks carpet cleaning company is ready and willing to provide you with a great cleaning service for your business today. Our Outer Banks carpet cleaning company is licensed and insured and we guarantee all of our services. Come check us out at our website! Thanks Have an Awesome Day                  

​ At Carolina Pro Clean in order for us to provide our customers with an all around clean and beautiful home and business on the Outer Banks we are providing pressure washing. We can clean many services with pressure washing including parking lots, decks, patios, fences, house siding, roof washing and concrete cleaning. We have available hot water pressure washing for extremely soiled situations. Our Outer Banks carpet cleaning pros can make your home the envy of the neighborhood with our services. Why call a many different cleaning companies to get your home or business in the shape you desire?, when you can call us and we can handle it all! Our Outer banks carpet cleaners provide beach rental cleaning services that will leave you ecstatic. Our roof cleaning and window cleaning methods are done with custom cleaning machines that provide a low pressure cleaning to your home to prevent any damage. If a outer banks pressure washing technician ever cleans your home with a pressure washer you better be sure he knows what he’s doing as pressure washing can blast water behind the siding of your home and trapping it there which leads to mold. Our Outer Banks carpet cleaning technicians are trained in providing pressure washing and low pressure washing services on the Outer Banks, NC. If your home is looking dirty or your business windows are looking bad due to the salt air give the Outer Banks carpet cleaning pros a call today!                         We all know that carpeting is the most comfortable type of flooring to have in your home. Some may have young children or pets that crawl or lay on their carpet daily. For children that are learning how to walk the carpet is the best place to practice without the threat of bumps and bruises. As a matter of fact when my son was learning how to walk he would crawl until he arrived at the carpet. Needless to say he learned quickly that the carpet would break his fall. Carpet has been tested many times and proven to keep air born dust in the home down also. As to any flooring material, there is always have some maintenance that needs to be done. The best way to keep your carpeting in good shape is to vacuum it on a regular basis. Carpeting manufacturers recommend it to be cleaned once annually to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. The only downsides to having carpet is that it needs repairs and cleaning more so than some flooring materials. Our Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning Pros have been trained to fix and repair many problems that may arrive with your carpeting in your home in the Outer Banks and Albermarle areas. There are carpet cleaners on the Outer Banks but how many offer the convenience of repairs as well?  Call the Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning Pros for a free estimate on your install, repair or cleaning needed today.               Your upholstery more than likely gets used more than any other surface in your home. Chances are you have that favorite spot at your home where you can just sit down and relax sometimes. Where do you spend most of your time assuming you get a day of rest once in awhile?  Do you have a comfortable recliner, couch or loveseat that doesn’t quite resemble what it did the day you purchased it or is it just time for a cleaning? Most upholstery is made of synthetic blends that are more reselliant to stains and cleaning solutions. There is also better quality furniture that is made with cotton, silk and wool and these natural fibers must be cleaned by a professional that knows how to care for them. The ph of the cleaning solution should be no greater than nine and minimal agitation should be used when the cleaning process is taking place. Over wetting is a big problem for any fabric but is much more likely to damage these natural fibers due to there fabric makeup. A good way to care and protect these fibers is asking your Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning technician about applying a protector to your upholstery that will help prevent future spills.

        Tile floors come in all different verities from natural to ceramic. Whichever tile you have laid in your house or place of business they should be sealed to protect your investment from the elements and normal wear and tear. Our Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning Company has noticed that many homes in the Outer Banks area have at least 10% of there home covered in tile, especially the main entrance and bathrooms. We have also noticed that most tile floors are not sealed which leaves your tile and grout looking dark and dingy over time. If you find this happening to your tile call the Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning Company to clean and seal your tile. The Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning Company is certified to clean any type of hard flooring to look good as new but we also highly recommend that your title be sealed for preservation.  

          Many carpet cleaners on the Outer Banks claim that they are the biggest, best, oldest or best selling in the Albermarle region. Truthfully, our Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning Company we don’t use the most expensive equipment and we aren’t the biggest company on the Outer Banks but what we do have is true passion and a top of the line education that offers our customer 100% satisfaction. Our Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning Company wants to solve all your cleaning problems in your home or business so you can stop worrying about appearance and start worrying about what matters most… your family’s health!    

Rugs have become a great decorative floor covering in recent years. These rugs can come from many different countries all over the world China, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India are the most popular. Our Outer Banks Carpet Cleaners have been trained and certified by numerous cleaning firms all over the country to learn new and improved ways to clean your rugs.We can have your wool oriental or Persian rug appraised for you as well. We provide many different cleaning methods to your oriental or Persian rugs to provide the greatest care for your rugs as possible. Our Outer Banks Carpet Cleaners will care for your rug and provide pick up and delivery if needed. At Carolina Pro Clean we can also clean your synthetic rugs as well just visit our website or call our Outer banks Carpet Cleaning for your free rug cleaning estimate today! (252) 202-5690  

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