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Our Outer Banks carpet cleaning technicians are trained and certified in many areas including carpet cleaning. We can provide numerous different carpet cleaning services including regular cleaning, pet odor, stain removal, pad replacement, carpet repairs and carpet protection. Training our technicians in many areas helps ensure that you are receiving the best outer banks carpet cleaning service available. Our outer banks carpet cleaning technicians use different methods of cleaning to fit your exact needs ranging from hot water extraction or steam cleaning and a low moisture cleaning process that dries quickly. Using these two methods we can provide the best outcome for your situation. Whether you are a outer banks commercial or residential customer we can work in your time frame and budget. Call your trusted outer banks carpet cleaning company today and receive a free bottle of our carpet spotter.
Homeowners that live in the Outer Banks and Albemarle areas have many choices when choosing a local cleaning service company. However, not many can leave you with a satisfying feeling that you received the best quality possible. Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning Pros is a company in the area that is family owned and operated. Our outer banks carpet cleaning company guarantees all our services will be at our beyond your greatest expectations and we also provide discounts for new customers. Our carpet cleaning process is a 12 step process that uses certified green seal products in any situation that is possible. Some areas that may have a heavier soil loads or oils may need a specialized product for your specific situation.
​ All of our technicians are trained and certified in many floor cleaning processes to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our carpet cleaning services. Carpet manufacturers advise to have your carpets cleaned once a year by a professional carpet cleaner. We agree with this recommendation and can also have our customers set up with a maintenance schedule for their home to keep it clean inside and out with our cleaning services. Call our outer banks carpet cleaning company today for a total clean that only Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning can do for you and your home.