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At OBXCCP we also offer outer banks house cleaning and outer banks maid services. We love to help our customers out in any way and this service has really help us accomplish this. We have many different services from residential house cleaning, outer banks business cleaning and construction cleanup. We provide different service intervals for our customers ranging from daily, weekly, monthly and one time cleaning. We also can provide some of the finest outer banks vacation rental cleaning on the beach. All of our cleaning employees are trained and trustworthy and provide a great outer banks house cleaning service every time. Our cleaning services aren’t completed until after receiving a final inspection and walkthrough if applicable to ensure your complete satisfaction. Get your free outer banks house cleaning estimate or service today! We’d love to service you family and give you a little more free time to do the things you love.

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Rugs have become a great decorative floor covering in recent years. These rugs can come from many different countries all over the world China, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India are the most popular. Our Outer Banks Carpet Cleaners have been trained and certified by numerous cleaning firms all over the country to learn new and improved ways to clean your rugs.We can have your wool oriental or Persian rug appraised for you as well. We provide many different cleaning methods to your oriental or Persian rugs to provide the greatest care for your rugs as possible. Our Outer Banks Carpet Cleaners will care for your rug and provide pick up and delivery if needed. At Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning Pros we can also clean your synthetic rugs as well just visit our website or call our Outer banks Carpet Cleaning for your free rug cleaning estimate today!

Professional window cleaning performed by trained technicians to ensure the view from your Outer Banks home is spectacular all year round for you and  your Outer Banks Vacation Rental Season

OBXCCP also offers pressure washing and exterior home cleaning for Currituck and Dare counties. Not only do we offer hot and cold water pressure washing Outer Banks but we also have a low pressure system.This system along with our proprietary solution allows our Outer Banks pressure washing technicians to offer a new soft washing  concept that is safer for our homes exterior. This system along with pressure washing allows us to clean virtually any exterior surface we face as Outer Banks Pressure Washers.Some of the surfaces we clean at Outer Banks Pressure washing are: home exteriors, decks, roofs, vinyl siding, brick, masonry, driveways, walkways, pool decks and pavers. If you don't see your surface listed don't hesitate to call your Outer Banks Pressure Washing pros today. We give free estimates and are bonded and insured. Visit our Gallery or fill out our free estimate form today!


Your upholstery more than likely gets used more than any other surface in your home. Chances are you have that favorite spot at your home where you can just sit down and relax sometimes. Where do you spend most of your time assuming you get a day of rest once in awhile?  Do you have a comfortable recliner, couch or loveseat that doesn’t quite resemble what it did the day you purchased it or is it just time for a cleaning? Most upholstery is made of synthetic blends that are more resilliant to stains and cleaning solutions. There is also better quality furniture that is made with cotton, silk and wool and these natural fibers must be cleaned by a professional like our obx upholstery cleaning pros. The ph of the cleaning solution should be no greater than nine and minimal agitation should be used when the cleaning process is taking place. Over wetting is a big problem for any fabric but is much more likely to damage these natural fibers due to there fabric makeup. A good way to care and protect these fibers is asking your Outer Banks Upholstery Cleaning technician about applying a protector to your upholstery that will help prevent future spills from staining.




Tile and grout is a great flooring choice if you are looking for less maintenance an longevity. There are many choices in tile floors from porcelain, ceramic, saltillo, slate, marble and granite. Some are less porous than others which means they are a softer stone and most likely get a sealer applied to the tile. However ceramic and porcelain tile are more prevalent due to their lower cost and less porous surface which fights soil penetration. With these two types of tile the only part sealed is the grout which must be done or it will become dirty rather quickly. The reason for the grout soiling quickly is due to its porousness which is much like concrete and allows dirt to enter the grout. We fix this problem by offering three different service levels including a basic clean, a clean with a sealer and 6 month warranty and also a color seal with 1 year warranty. If your tired of your grout or tile being dingy looking call your outer banks tile cleaners today and receive a no obligation quote.

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Homeowners that live in the Outer Banks and Albemarle areas have many choices when choosing a local cleaning service company. However, not many can leave you with a satisfying feeling that you received the best quality possible. Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning Pros is a new company in the area that is family owned and operated. Our outer banks carpet cleaning company guarantees all our services will be at our beyond your greatest expectations and we also provide discounts for new customers. Our carpet cleaning process is a 12 step process that uses certified green seal products in any situation that is possible. Some areas that may have a heavier soil loads or oils may need a specialized product for your specific situation.
All of our technicians are trained and certified in many floor cleaning processes to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our carpet cleaning services. Carpet manufacturers advise to have your carpets cleaned once a year by a professional carpet cleaner. We agree with this recommendation and can also have our customers set up with a maintenance schedule for their home to keep it clean inside and out with our cleaning services. Call our outer banks carpet cleaning company today f
or a total clean that only OBXCCP can do for you and your home.